Tom: The Superhuman Slayers

Shift ran for Hunter leaving us to get Detonate and Deflector, a moment after his departure, Vixen ran after him.

"It's just us then," I said. We battled through, following the sound of explosions. We had to cleave a path, leaving body parts strewn about the floor as we battled through. The horde was relentless, never-ending and when you knocked them to the ground they got back up until they were just a heap of limbs.

We reached their corridor. Detonate was having the time of his life. His fingers pointed like guns in every which direction, feigning the shooting of a gun and blowing up whole groups whilst Deflector worked hard to keep her shields up.

We got closer as the Egyptian pointed two fingers at a congealed group of zombies. The resulting explosion was massive and knocked Bree and I to the floor. I rubbed my head and plunged my sword into a zombies stomach who had taken this oppurtunity.

"I'm glad your having fun bud," I called out. Detonate smiled.

"Too much for you?" he asked, laughing raucously, "okay, let's get out of here," he returned to his room, pointed at the wall and blew it up. He and Deflector jumped out without hesitation. I followed reluctantly but Bree wouldn't.

"S'up?" she was stood next to me as I was about to jump she place her arm out.

"I can't survive that," she said looking down.

"Don't worry, trust us, we know what we're doing..." I looked around, "contrary to the situation," she looked at me doubtfully.

At the same time I heard banging. Something big was coming this way.

"Come on!" I pushed her off and jumped off after her. I landed safely on the ground, Deflector had places a shield on the ground to soften the blow.

I felt a sharp pain on my arm as Bree hit me.

"That was not funny!" she shouted. The banging came closer, then a huge figure leapt out of the hole creating an even bigger one. He landed nearby, stood alongside the vamp kid and the handless guy and a pretty girl.

"I am Vladimir," the vamp smiled toothily at us, "this is Alura," he picked up the wrist of the girl and kissed it who blushed in return, "this is Handy and this..." he pointed at the massive thing, it had a warped face with one buff arm popping with veins and one normal sized arm that reached his knees like a guerilla, its legs were oddly small, it's chest massive and it's waist thin, "this is Horror," the four of them stared at us, "we are the Allen family, or better known as...The Superhuman Slayers," he licked his lips.

We were going to have to fight these losers.

The End

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