Shift: Great Start?

Like i was going to stay inside whilst they had all the fun? When i charged in as an elephant and fazed back that woman looked at me like i ruined something. We were cutting up yet more zombies. "Your guys go for Deflector and Detonate, ill go find Hunter" i said to them, they nod and i go upstairs, were there seemed to be very little zombies.

I then heard a loud smashing noise... I had to say that didnt i? More zombies charged in from the rooms and the floor. I shifted my hands into swords and fought whilst looking in each and every room.

I was just fighting and then a zombie jumps me from behind, well it tried. I turned round to see it jump at me and an arrow strikes it right into the chest. Then when i look back forward, beyond the massive crowd of zombies i see Hunter. I smile and not at him, and he nods back, and i go back to fighting the zombies around me with Hunter just killing the odd one.

I started to push forward as i was getting sick of the endless tide, and pile of dead bodies. I went over too Hunter. "Were leaving now" i shout over the loud moans and groans of the zombies.
"Good idea" Hunter replied shooting at the same time. Who said men werent multitaskers?
"Theres quite a few zombies in front of us, think we should just jump out the window?" i ask
"Sounds good" Hunter replies

We jump out the window... smash... and land on the floor... thud... We both brush the dust off our clothes and go back in for the others.

The End

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