Bree: Keep On Going

Me and Tom are cutting up the zombies, trying to get to Vixen. Istart to run closer to her.

"Hey. You think you can run out of here and get to Shift? He's outside." Before Vixen could answer a elephant charges in the room, taking down the rest of the zombies. Tom laughed and I glare at Shift.

He fazes back into his normal form, smiling. Guess he has recovered. "I told youto hide!" He shrugs. "Couldn't let youhave all the fun now could I?" I narrowmy eyes at him. "We need toget to the others." Vixen says, stopping me glaring.

We all run out the room and head towards some more smashing. I roll my eyes and run off towards the source ofthe noice. More zombies are trying to get through the smashed door. I start to slice as many as I can in two.

I can't believe I am doing this! I'msuppost to be keeping low not running around slicing things up! I sigh and keep going.

The End

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