Tom: Teamwork

I had just recovered from the hand attack and nicked a couple minutes of sleep when I heard yet more commotion. It started from Shifts room with smashing, slashing and shouting followed by banging, blowing and then the shriek of a bird. That's when I heard noise outside my door. I grabbed my two swords in readiness, whatever it was had scared Shift and he was a great fighter.

The door broke down piece by piece. Great, it can break down from the outside but not the in. What was going on in this place. I stabbed a sword through the multiple holes but hands started to grab at my blade. The blade glowed white and a beam of energy flew out, burning their hands. The door broke down completely and the things swarmed in. I allowed my instincts to take over, my fast reactions dodging all their attacks, but with dodging them all I couldn't attack. I got off a couple of slashes but they were overpowering me.

I saw a flash of colour and a figure appeared. It was a woman with swords as hands. In a blur of light she took down a chunk of enemies. The zombies became confused and I took advantage of this. I struck out, taking down more, but they just kept on coming.

"We can't fight them!" she shouted, "we have to get out... do you know where your friends are?" there were bangs in the distance, arrows flying, thuds of bodies falling on the floor.

"Follow the noise," I laughed, "how did you find me?" I asked as we cleaved a path through the horde.

"I sensed a pulse of energy, I figured a friend of Shifts would have powers," she said through gritted teeth. We reached what was left of Vixens door. She was having a lot of trouble, she couldn't telepathically attack a whole horde so she had to defend herself from attacks, the blows glancing off her via some field.

"There's one," I shouted and stood in front of her, "when did you learn that?"

"Deflector taught it me," she smiled.

"Now we just need to find Deflector, Detonate and Hunter," I told the girl, "by the way what's your name?"

"Bree," she said.

"Tom," I replied and we stood side by side, slicing through the monsters.

The End

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