Bree: Helping Out

I shake awake, hearing humans outraised voices. I open my door and see a bird of some kind fall to the ground and zombies or something crowding over a guy. This can't be good.

I run down the stairs using my speed and changing my arms into swords. I start to slash whatever zombie gets in my way. I change one ofmy arms back to normal and grab the guy and run out ofthe motel.

He looks at me wide eyed. "Who are you?" He pants. I smilea little. "Looks like I've gotto run again. The name's Bree." He nods "They callmy Shift." He turns togo back inside but I run in front of him and block his way. "You're not going back in there,they'll rip you to pieces." I stare at he sternly and he glares back.

"I have friends in there. I can't just leave them!" He hisses. I look downat my feet. "I'll get them. You say here, hidden." I run off before he can argure with me. This might take a while, there's lots of rooms here. Quess I've gotta be quick then. 

The End

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