Shift: Zombified

I was awakened by the sound of a woman singing, it was soothing but then shortly afterwards i felt like going insane. I then heard knocking on my door, but it wasnt a 'can i come in' kind of knock, it was more along the lines of 'im gunna kill you!' knock. Moments later the door was destroyed, splinters flying elegantly everywhere. Hordes of people flooded through the door, armed with rubbish: baseball bats, golf clubs etc.

I morph one of my arms into a blade and start to defend myself, cutting and slicing anything dumb enough to get into my way. But it seemed for every one i killed, two more took its place, i was beginning to be overwhelmed, even with the use of a second blade they started to get through my defenses. Their weapons actually hurt me too, what ever brought these alive must be something related to powers. I wasnt too keen on finding out, i just want to get to Las Vegas and just live what ive wanted to live like not get assaulted every corner i turn.

I decide that i dont need to fight them all, i turn into an elephant and just rampage through the endless crowd of mindless humans as they try to beat me death with sticks. As i get outside u turn into an eagle and flew into the air, to find the source of these things, they appear to have come alive from the graves at the back of the hotel. Not only that but i can see a woman in the back singing. I block it out as the singing is what made me feel like going insane before.

As i went to fly away, something hit me, and i was sent directly into the floor, after the massive dust cloud had faded away, i saw a man who looked down at the crater i was in, and around the crater was loads of zombies. He looked at me eyes glowing red, he then disappeared from sight instantaniously and the zombies piled in.

God i hope the others wake up and help me out here!

The End

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