Matt: Testing

Soft moonlight leaked into the alleyway, it's silver ichor staining the dark, dingy concrete. From the rotten rubbish, scrabblings could be heard. Sat next to this was a man, his face a nest of dirty brown, straw-like hair with two bright, beaming blue eyes poking through.

I walked past him.

In a swift movement he jumped up. A cough came up from behind him, "let's not do this the hard way now mister," his hair came alive, the beard and long brown hair defying gravity. His sking became charred, his eyes burning azure, his hair a deep, midnight blue.

In a swift movement with his hands, he pushed them out at me, flinging a bolt of energy. The energy hit me, I absorbed it. I smiled at him and flung it back. Taken by surprise it hit him square in the chest, sending him into Bounty Hunters awaiting arms.

He gritted his teeth, before I could react he drew a deep breath and blew at me. The wind whipped me off my feet. He took advantage of Bounty Hunters surprise and ran inbtween us. He ripped his arms to his sides, expelling a powerful force of energy. With that he ran off.

The Bounty Hunter phased off in pursuit, I got up and followed, increasing my kinetic energy.

I was gaining on him when he turned around, "I have a feeling he's been storing energy," he pushed his hands out at me, the massive surge of energy pushed me backwards several metres. I hit the ground hard.

Fighting the pain, I lifted myself up to see the Bounty Hunter appear in front of him. He touched him and pressed a button on his watch. The man froze still.

Bounty Hunter approached me, "not bad, but you are way too cavalier," he touched the man again who unfroze and moved next to him, "god I wish you were my partner again, it would save time training this one," he moaned.

"Old friend, you know I am too tired to be doing this," his features turned back into the same face, but his features were younger, his beard almost gone.

"But will you help me train him?" the Bounty Hunter asked.

"I'll do my best," he brought down his arm and pulled me up, "first lesson, subterfuge suits you best in this profession."

The End

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