Bree: Running

I'm running to somewhere far. I don't know where yet, probably where my feet will take me. My name is Bree, nothing more. I am 21 and I'm running. I want to go to somewhere different, I need the change.

I have abilites, somecall them powers. My abilities isn't just running really fast but I can also turn my hands into swords. It's weird but cool. I stop and start looking around. I'm in Pennysylvania. Man,I have run far this time. I shiver and start to walk towards the nearest building I can see.

It's a hotel, not five star but it'll do. I walk towards the hotel and go through it's wooden doors. I pull my suitcase behind me as I go over to the counter. I look around and see a tiny little bell, I ring it.

I need a shower, a lovely hot shower. And a steaming hot coffee will do to. I sigh as I wait for someone to come to reception. I start to rum my hands against the counter. I've never been too good with the whole waiting thing.

A vampire wannabe comes over to me and takes me tomy room. I smile at him in thanks and close the door. At least I can have a shower, even if this place smells of rott and mould. I turn on the shower and unpack my suitcase. I sigh as I look at my camera. I love this camera. I get unchanged and get into the shower.

I need to think of a plan, a proper plan. No more running, it's time to fight back. It's time to find people like me.

The End

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