Tom: Sirens Call

I had a really bad feeling about this place.

The lock clicked shut... from the outside, seriously who puts a lock on the outside of a room? I looked outside, I could see someone staring up directly at me and I could not think of escaping out the window. A figure appeared on the wall, eerily climbing down until it reached the bottom. A shivered and sat down.

A shadow flew across the room. I took out a sword and flicked on the lamp.

A drawer was open with a scrambling noise inside. Reluctantly I opened it wider... it was a...

The hand flew into my face suffocating me. I tried to pull it off but it was wrapped tight. I headbutted the wall and the hand fell off, scuttling through a crack in the wall.

I looked at the door.

"LET ME OUT!" I screamed, banging on the door. I got out my sword and sliced but it glanced off without a scratch.

I was panting, but as I grew quiet, I could hear an eerie, haunting song in the distance. A woman singing, a call that made me want to come closer or drive me insane... one of the two.

That must be what drew us to this clearly dangerous, disgusting hovel.

And now? We are trapped.

The End

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