Shift: Low Budget

Daylight was over as dusk settled onto the darkening land... of Pennysylvania. So we decided to find somewhere to sleep. "This place looks good" I suggests.

The sign read The Alans Family Motel. It had a familiar look, something from my childhood years. We all got out of the car and walked into this 'Motel' as we walked in we was met with the stench of decaying flesh. Over the table sat three guys playing Texas Hold'Em, one of them had a missing hand which was crawling along the table. Another had no shadow, as he looked from behind his long dark fringe. Then there was a minimal wage employee, trying to look like dracula. The fake blood on his lips looked almost real, and as he spoke he really did sound like Dracula... but i knew he wasnt.
"Velcome" he purred "let Muntz take you to your room." He then clicked his fingers.

Then from the darkness came a figure, a wierd frankenstien look-alike.

As he silently took us to our rooms, one by one we dispersed to our rooms, Detonator and Deflector shared a room though.

As i got into my room, the door creaked shut behind me, it instantly locked. Feeling claustrophobic, i looked around at the dingy decor. But i just shaked it off, and got ready for bed.

The End

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