Matt: Bounty Hunter

The building was an old, disused factory with one main room and only a few offices on an above level that filled the perimeter of the building, seperated with one way, mirrored glass to observe workers.

New machines lined one wall but there was still plenty of room and more were being added. In one corner stood cranes and cranks and forklift trucks whilst a large garage door took up the opposite wall. The building had it's own power and backup generator in a remote area outside the city.

We were in a small corner were the informant was working on a manacle.

"What's that?" I asked.

"An inhibitor," he replied, working tirelessly with the screw driver, the tip of his tongue in his teeth.

"What's that for?"

"Bounty Hunter," realising my answers would be monosyllabic I looked at Phase, or Bounty Hunter or whoever he was now. He sighed tiredly.

"It's my powers, do you want to know the story?" I nodded, "'K well in my dimension everyone got powers in the year 2012 but there was this legend about the Legendary one, her powers was so great she could do anything," he looked dreamily out, reminiscing, "before I saw her I was in love with the idea behind her, she was a symbol of hope for all. One day I met her, though I did not know it was her for sure I could sense her incredible power. Back then I had my Phase power aswell as some telekinetic power derived from the power of the phase dimension, I followed her, drawn to her with some powerful desire to protect her and keep her from harm. I did not want to be seen, but I was. At one point we used our powers together, her power mingled with mine and that opened up my potential that my mind had naturally protected me from. Eventually that led to my being able to alter the molecular structure of items with just a touch and then being unable to control it.

"I was in love with her but I was a danger to her too, i could not stay and there was another who could love her as much as I did so I left her to destroy those that would eventually destroy her. I thought I would die when I unleashed all the power I could, but the last of it, the Phase power, it ripped me away from that dimension in an act of self preservation and brought me here.

"Syphon found me and restored my phase power, i warned him about the threat so he simply returned my Phase power. Unfortunately since I am not of this world, it had a strange effect on me, it was unpredictable how much power he was giving me and it altered my mindset, transferring some of Syphons cool nature into me.

"Eventually, after the events that transpired, Syphon was forced to give me powers back again but he accidentally gave me a little too much and i could levitate objects," he then turned towards the toolbox and lazily flicked his wrist. All the tools rose and span about in the air in intricate patterns till he made them move into the shape of a crude robot.

"Oh,"  I said.

"My powers have multiplied in a matter of hours, all because my powers once mingled with the Legendary One's, they increase at an unhealthy rate. So that is why he is making me an inhibitor."

"Finished," the Informant said, throwing the manacle at him, "but remember, when you take it off we do not know what might happen, whether it will build up or just continue to increase," Phase nodded gravely.

"Then I suppose we shouldn't call you Phase anymore, we gonna call you Bounty Hunter now since that what you intend yo do?"

"I'm nobody nor anything call me what you will, but yes that is what I intend to do... you?"

"I'm quitting the Force, I think I'll join you for a bit," I looked hopefully, he flashed me a smile and stood up, cracking his neck.

"Sure, but I'm not used to partners," I looked at the Informant, "OK I'm not used to partners in the field, he's just the one that can build anything he sets his mind to," he laughed but the Informant blushed, "anyway, so now we go after the secretive Shadow Guild."

"What?" I snapped, shocked.

"Apparently there is some faction that commits murders and plots destruction in the name of good, we cannot have that, nobody should play God," he growled, his mood suddenly changed, "There is a particular member that has made his way to New York, very slippery, virtually untraceable and highly dangerous, just my type."

My mind drifted to Shade, "what is his name?"

"I don't know that, they are secretive, give nothing away, this one especially," he looked out dramatically, "when I find him, I'll put an end to the Shadow Guild," he promised.

The End

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