Part II

Powers Part II - Armageddon

We stopped at a nearby gas station, to fuel up my car. Tom remained in the passenger seat of the vehicle, the window down, as the others stocked up on munchies.

I kept getting flashbacks of Omi's dead body, it must of shown on my face.

"What happened, what did you do?" asked Tom
"It was just unfinished business i needed to take care of" i replied, he looked unconvinced.
"Tell me i can help you" Tom pleaded

I gave out a long hard sigh "fine" i murmered, as i lent against the window.

"It all started when i was 14, there was a man called Omi, he is the one who killed my parents.
"My sis, who was only 1 at that time, was taken to an orphanage, but they never found me, i was a squirrel. Omi went back to Japan, and I went after him. But my search was futile, i ended up training with a retired shadows guild member, alot like Shade. Eventually i found out that he had gone to New York and i went there after him. I found out there was an assassins guild based in New York, i joined it in hope that i would find him, again i failed. I tried a new tact, i left the assassins guild and joined the thieves guild to try and get rich. The idea was to get power and money and contacts so that i could use this to search for Omi. During a function i met a man called Damien, who sensed i had powers and offered to help me, he linked me up to a man named Victor Pain, or Swarm as you know him by. Pain promised me the information as long as i did a few jobs for him. As i did those jobs, Omi kind of found me instead, the first time were was interrupted by Patience, who is known as Thornfang. When i had all that power, i used it to search for Omi, but instead something overtook me, something... powerful. But when Syphon took my powers i was back to normal. Something inside of me, like a 6th sense told me that Omi was in the park, so when i left you without telling you were i went, i was actually going after Omi, and i killed him... Thats pretty much all i need to tell you right now"

"Well-" He was interrupted by the sounds of everyone else coming back from looting the store for munchies
"Lets go then, i need to go to New Jersey for something first..."

The End

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