End of Part 1/Summary

Behind the mask of humankind there are hidden natures, whether it is that of despair bourne from a sense of pointless hope and a terrible past or anger brought upon us by unearthed memories hidden deep or the minds of others full of intolerance... hatred... prejudice.

There are things we have done, or will do, that will haunt us forever.

But we must not let the dust settle or the darkness persevere, we cannot let pain and suffering dictate our minds and render us doomed.

It is for this very reason, now that the days are dark and we all have fear and pain in our hearts, that I... Edward Gabriel, return.


Part 1
Matt: knew that Swarm held the information about his past but happens to be his sworn enemy. Swarm who is aware of this constantly tricks Matt and manages to kidnap him. Matt finds out his old friend who helped him in the past, Illusionist, is working with Swarm. Eventually Matt agrees to work for Swarm who wants him to do one job. Whilst waiting for the mission to be implemented, a pyschotic superhuman known as Chaos breaks out of the asylum, Matt, equipped with a special ring, defeats Chaos and brings him to Swarm. Next the mighty Shift brings destruction to New York, Matt goes to stop him on Swarms orders but fails to bring him back. Meanwhile Matt saves his brother from the Phase Dimension with the help of Phase and returns him to Shifts mansion. Matt is teleported to Swarm (by Emport) to go to the Government facility and stop the Superbots. They successfully navigate through the corridors and are attacked by superbots, a voice tells Matt that he needs to superheat them to melt them then destroy their receivers. They enter the Supercomputer (a whole room) and the rest leave so that Matt can blow it up. Just as it appears Matt will die, he is saved by Phase now known as the Bounty Hunter-Nosirrah

Tom: Tom finds out his brother has been kidnapped by Swarm and assembles Matts team to save him. Eventually they reach the base that Matt is being kept in but Matt tells them that he needs to stay to find out about their past. Tom returns home to find Shift has destroyed his house. They fight and Shift takes him to the Phase dimension where he is trapped. After being rescued the reformed Shift declared they will go to las Vegas. ROAD TRIP BABY-Nosirrah

Shift: Acted as a cat to rob Carrie of her amulet for Swarm. He returns the amulet to Swarm who takes a chip of it then returns to Carrie and gives her a cat and fixes her wall in an act of guilt. Shift is then attacked by scientists on the way out but is saved by Carrie. Shift then robs a bank with Phase. Shift then buys a mansion with a large cellar and converts it into a lab. Shift finds out how to steal peoples powers and uses it against members of the Thieves Guild knowing that theft in any form against a member of the thieves guild will result in banishment then sets about causing destruction. He fights with Tom and traps him in the Phase dimension. eventually he is stopped and the stolen powers taken off him by Siphon who returns them to those he stole them from. After returning to his mansion, he once more sets out to seek Omi and in an act of vengeance for killing his parents, kills Omi and returns to the mansion. Shift wants to go to Las Vegas, a childhood dream marred by his desire to kill Omi-Mr.Fisherman

Talyn: He returns to the force and immediately moves to take down superhumans causing havoc in the streets. They get away. He then senses a a Superhuman (Matt) in trouble and goes to save him but matt is captured. He returns to him. More destruction ensues and Talyn goes to stop him, he is led underground where he ends up in Swarms base but is attacked by a Superhuman. In the end the Superhuman is teleported away. The resulting devastation caused by this allows the scientist to ask the Government to commision his Superbots who in return put it to public vote and the very scared public votes for it. Talyn returns home and contemplates killing himself. Eventually, when the Superbots and Shift run amok, talyn tries to stop them. Talyn is approached by Icca who claims he is something more. Norvon finds them and wants to kill Talyn for being Daedalus-Chimerakiller2

Carrie: finds a cat injured, heals and keeps him against her Landladys will. Eventually she is burgled and the burglar destroys a wall and apparently her cat has disappeared. The wall is then fixed and a new cat that looks the same appears. She saves a bird that flys through her window. The bird turns into a man who disappears. She is approached by scientists. Then she finds New york in devastation and goes to save a young girl. She does but the young girl is killed as she escapes the destruction and her legs are crushed. She finds her powers have changed and she vows to find he who is responsible for this-Elfire

The End

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