Meanwhile at another meeting...

...he could hear the arguments from the bottom of the corridor as he made his way towards them.

"It is clear now, their actions have only fuelled the worlds hatred towards them-!"

"-Rather their pity, they all know that Superbots were violently rounding up innocents at all ages, I will not stand for that no matter what the problem."

"We were a fool to trust him, he led us into this mess-"

"-Made a moutain out of a molehill he did!"

"Yet it would have gotten worse regardless, we took a course of action that was a risk from the start, we cannot punish ourselves or him for that."

"Ai, but we can't trust him, he's a sly as some of those he's trying to destroy, I think his agenda is far different from ours-"

The door burst open. A shadow flitted across the room as the man was lifted into the air, the figure of a man half illuminated by light filtering through the window, half invisible from the shadow of the table, stood there.

"To be honest, I'm rather disturbed by your clear lack of faith gentleman, all it takes is a little maintenance and the problem will be solved, call that a Beta test-"

"I don't trust you, you cannot be allowed to continue, for on, an innocent would not carry a superbot henchman that should have been destroyed along with the rest of your travesties!"

The grip of the bot tightened and the man squirmed.

"My precious Superbot here was my first creation, he was not connected to the Supercomputer mainframe, now... Gentleman, I'm sure we can come to some arrangements."

The Superbot dropped the man gasping to the floor and stood next to the President.

"My work will continue with your full support and sponsorship, I-"

Foolish humans! The voice boomed in their heads, causing them each to gasp in pain, know how easily I manipulated the minds of the Superhumans to put down your pathetic plan for control and order. Let it be known that this time I am merciful, next time you will not be so lucky. They all looked out afraid, but do not stand content in defeat, for I will return, and next time you hear this voice, you shall kneel before Obsidian Thought!


The End

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