Shift: Hometime

After all that ive done i finally decided its time to go home, it was starting to get dark and nothing much really happens when its dark, no fun. I asked Eric if he would like to come to Las Vegas, he declined and said 'maybe some other time' so be it i guess. I formed into an eagle and flew home. As i got home i saw a familiar face, it was Glider, my sister, waiting at my mansion door. When she saw me she beamed a massive smile and gave me a hug, ill take that as apology accepted for stealing her powers?

We got inside and then went into my secret labs and then i slumped down into one of the incredibly comfy couches. "Tired" asked Glider
"Yeah its been a tough day Jen" i say with a smile, i never saw my sister much, she isnt supposed to be here. Which made me happy but worried, but still the worst is she would be exiled but she never was much of a theif, she was too much of a nice person to be a theif, i guess its like me. I do bad things but my conscience just goes against everything i do.

But anyway enough heart to heart chat. My sisters only 20, she only cares about me so much is that i saved her life when she was 10 (i was 25) she was kidnapped by bounty hunters, and they held a ransom on her or they would kill her, at that point she hadnt developed her powers, or learned to control them or anything. It was quite hilarious though. I go in as a cat, they were quite paranoid, when they saw the cat they were calm. But then they saw a bear, i mauled one of them causing the other to run away, i turned back into my origional form, the other guy got back up, massive gashes along his chest saw me turn back, freaked out and ran away. I saved Jen and we went back to our mum and dads house. It was 13 years after they died and she was still quite devestated her mum and dad died.

I heard the doorbell, must be everyone ready to go to Las Vegas, i just remembered about that, i shot up out the couch with excitement, i went to the door to greet them. Tom, Hunter, Vixen, Detonate and Deflector were at the door, quite eager also. "Lets go to Vegas" i shouted, and they cheered after i said it, then we went to the garage. I unveiled my abomination of a car, it had the front of a ferrari and the back of a pick-up truck, but that was only so everyone could get in the car.

I got in and Tom got in the passenger seat, everyone else got in the back. I started the engine...

The End

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