Matt: Past Part 6

They had all left, leaving me on my own to do the deed. I was destroying my past here, thing I didn't know and had to find out. Yet with it I was destroying the part in me that craved the knowledge, that would do anything to get at it. The part that had lost me my first love, the part that had been willing to torture and even, to a point, kill.

I was sick of being angry, sick of the pain of my past. All the unanswered questions and terrible memories. I would welcome and end yet I didn't want to end this, I wanted to fix this, cleanse myself. Like my brother I wanted to be free of demons that tormented me.

Slowly I began drawing power. It came from the electricity that shot from the lights and the cables that flooded through my hands. The heat given off by the computers, all the power withing the supercomputer came to me, yet the thing still seemed to work.

I was full of energy, all the potential stored within me. I felt it coursing through my veins like when I was younger, when Syphon had to drain me. It began to hurt, the familiar stomach cramps making me double over in pain. The searing headache and my muscles braced to expel the force. I couldn't keep it in.

At first it came out in waves and ripples of energy. They expanded out like strong waves then came back towards me. Then more energy pushed outwards, the collision splitting the atoms and causing epic explosions around me. I could protect myself but it weakened me, and I needed everything I could use to destroy this thing.

The explosions grew stronger and stronger and I grew weaker and weaker. I slowly released the shield bit by bit. Suddenly there was a person next to me. He was wearing strange, sleek, silver body armor, a helmet on his head with a black visor.

"Release your shield when I tell you to!" he ordered.

The whole place was boiling, tables were melting, cables shorting out. There were black scorch marks everywhere.

"NOW!" I released all the power I could, enough to make a nuclear bomb look like a childs toy. But just as the explosions caught the place, everything stopped. Was I dead?

Then everything became purple and I was following the figure.

I came back into this dimension and collapsed on the floor. With next to no energy, I began to lose grip of this world.

The guy took of his helmet, revealing a very familiar face, blonde hair that crackled like static and electric blue eyes. Next to him was another man sitting at a chair. He inspected me with his beetle-black bespectacled eyes and shiny, short black hair.

"This is my informant," Phase muttered and smiled proudly, "tricksy bugger followed me through the phase dimension," I nodded slowly and let the darkness now creeping at the corner of my eyes hold me.

The End

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