Shift: Burn the Witch

I was walking through the park, with my mind free of revenge and i started to appreciate the world around me. Whilst i was walking through the park i saw Scorcher, i had already apologised for taking his powers, he said he didnt blame me as he thinks that everyone would want his powers as they are awesome.

"Hey Frank" he said gleefully
"Hey Eric" i replied.
We were just talking, he was telling me about what he's been doing in the theives guild in his home state, he wasnt in my theives guild area, as we were the new york theives guild. They have different branches in each American state. Eric was from Rhode Island, they have just been stealing from the locals. Their headquarters arnt as good as mine, and i annoy him by bragging on about it and how awesome it is.

We were just catching up, like all good friends do. That was until she showed up. Thornfang again, you could just see her black hair just strolling along the back of trees, and they came alive.
"She is starting to annoy me!" shouted Eric
"This is the first time youve even seen her" i replied

The tree took a swing for me, i dodged as Eric shot a lava bolt in its face, setting it on fire.
"I have a plan, we go into the forest, and you summon a volcano" i exclaimed
"On it!" shouted Eric

As we got outside the city, into the forest bordering it, Eric summoned a volcano, and then Thornfang, regardless of knowing fire is her weakness still sent them all at us. Eric was burning them all as i was giving myself multiple strength arms and throwing them into the volcano. Thornfang then showed up, unable to admit defeat.

She turned her arm into a tree branch which had incredibly sharp 'branches' (nails) on them, then she went to claw me with them, i do a backflip, over the pool of lava at the top of the volcano were we were standing. She then jumped up, and attacked me again. I grabbed her by the neck and hung her over the volcano.
"Let me go!" she hissed

I, with my conscience couldnt kill her, so i threw her off the top of the volcano, and i watched as she ran away.

"SURRENDER NOW" came a voice
"Ahh kuso..." i cursed

They ran at us, one looked like me and one looked like Eric. The one fighting me, turned into a bear and clawed me, straight across my face. As i held onto my face as it was bleeding like hell. Eric killed his enemy quite easily, regardless of it having his power, because its made of metal, it melted. Watching this i got an idea, i ran to the top of the volcano, and it followed me up. It turned into an eagle and picked me up. Eric saw this and lauched a lava bolt at the leg which had me. I dropped but avoided landing into the lava. I changed my hand into a lasso type arm, grabbed the bot and threw him into the volcano, all you could see was the volcano bubbling. I told Eric to get rid of the volcano and he did.

That went well...

The End

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