Matt: Sacrifice

Each one looked at me, emotionless but ready to kill. They began to advance slowly, we were all here now, everybody trying to use their powers to no effect. Jackhammer changed his arms into huge silver swords and sliced at them, but his arm just flung off ineffectively. The bot grabbed his neck as he cried out in pain and flung him aside in a huge heap.

Mime was next to go, he mimed a lassoo and got one of their head, pulling them down to the floor, then he mimed a machine gun and shot but it did nothing. The machine grabbed hold of the lassoo and pulled him forwards, slamming him into a wall. Bandit went invisible, although they couldn't see him, his weapons did nothing.

It wasn't looking good.

One of the bots grabbed me. I felt pain run through my body and felt as if I was shrivelling up.

They have but two weaknesses a voice said, like a whisper in the wind, but nobody could have said it I know the weaknesses, but you must trust me.

God I'll do anything!

Just two weaknesses, first the master computer, destroy one, destroy them all. Secondly, one obvious mistake they forgot, though their armor is invincible, that does not mean it cannot change...

I understood.

Tell everyone!

I concentrated on the heat inside the Superbot, I magnified it applying all the potential energy I could on making it heat up. I could feel it too, it began to burn my neck as my breath ebbed away from me.

The Superbot began to melt, invincible though their armor maybe, the shape could be changed or melted!

I focused on the other two that were beating the team back. Slowly, as they moved forwards, they sank to the floor. I could see receivers in them and destroyed them.

"Done," I breathed.

Swarm came up to me looking haggard, "how did you know?"

"I... don't know."

In minutes we were inside the super computer, literally, the whole room was the computer with access panels and everything.

"How the hell are we gonna blow this up?" I wondered out loud.

"That's were you come in old friend," Swarm told me.

"But... I could die!"

"Sad but true," he muttered, sincerely upset by this, "sad...but... neccessary."

The End

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