Shift: Memories

As me and Omi continued to fight, i thought back to why i was even doing this. It was about 10 years ago, i was with my parents. I saw Omi he was just sat there, i went over to him and said hi. He didnt know where his parents were so i brought him to my mum and dad to help him find his parents. Eventually he started to cry, because we hadnt actually been very successful. The ground began to shake, and then the trees came alive and the pathways turned into creatures of some type. My parents tried to run, but where killed by one of the golems... I tried to get to them but i couldnt.

Ever since then i wanted to get Omi back for what has done to me. Ever since then i have been filled with anger. I was once in an assassins guild, but that didnt go well as killing wasnt my type of thing, my conscience couldnt kill people who i thought didnt deserve it. I then joined the theives guild, they wasnt recruiting but, they found me on the streets, i was a very good theif. A couple of years after that, when i turned 30 they recruited me and ever since then i was in the theives guild. The memories of my parents death, still in my mind i have been seeking revenge ever since.

I was on top of an incredibly tall building, and me and Omi were fighting until we could barely even stand up. i rugby tackled him off the building, we were fighting each other on the way down, him using rocks from the buildings throwing them at me, but i destroyed them as they came at me. I then grabbed him, i threw him onto the floor. There was a massive cloud of smoke, as it faded Omi was in the middle of a crater, not even moving. And i finished the job...

The End

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