Shift: Unfinished Business

I was talking to Tom, about all that has happened.

"It was wierd, it was like i wasnt controlling my actions, i can barely even remember what i did, after you got Syphon to take my powers i just looked around and saw mass devestation" I explained "So i just thought id say sorry, i know its not much considering i tried killing you, but its all i can say really"

He just gave me a nod and a smile, i take that as apology accepted?
"Heard you was a doctor?" I asked
"Oh shi... you got a phone down here?" He asks
"Yeah over there by the monster TV, im going now anyway so, dont mess this place up!" i replied

I was going back after Omi, but this time no superbots or anyone else is going to get in the way of it. I will kill him even if it means i die too, so long as that guy is dead ill be happy.

I went back to central park, it was almost completly new again, i just knew Thornfang was either here, or was here. Either way i was ready. "Ohayou" came a voice.
"Omi..." I mumbled loudly, I drew my blades and glared at him. He jumped down, and looked at me in the eyes. He made the water in the fountain come alive, then he brough the trees alive, and also the pathways in the park came alive, everything was being made into some sort of creature.

I formed into an eagle, went straight into the air, and turned back, and did a vertical slash onto the water golem, cutting it directly in half, it just splooshed over the floor, then the trees, wernt so easy, i formed into a bear and gnawed off their arms, then termited my way into them, and turning into something big to make them explode from the inside. Then it was me and rockhead, this one wont be easy, i cant just cut him, that wont be much effect, and i cant eat my way into him either. I turned into an elephant, and knocked him onto the floor. Then i curb stomped its head, making it explode into a puff of white smoke.

"Just you and me Omi, no weapons or friends" i ordered. We stood in the middle of the park, looking at each other. Wind blowing in every direction, even a little bush thing went past like in those western movies.

We ran towards each other, punching, kicking and blocking each individual attack. He slid and tripped me up, i landed on my face (ouch) and put his leg on my throat.

"Your too easy" he laughed. Then i remembered... he was 18. I grabbed his leg, and picked him up. His arms were going all over the place. "Put me down" he cried, he then pucnhed me right where it hurts. When i dropped to my knees he punched me in my face, sending me onto my back. Then i ws thinking, im being beaten by a 18 year old. I turned into an eagle and flew away, with him in fast pursuit.

The End

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