Matt: Past Part 5

I didn't know where we were, but I knew it was some kind of facility. Right in front of us was a bullet-proof glass door and behind us was a large concrete building.

"Where the hell are we?" I asked.

"This is the Government Facility we were kept in old friend, we are here to destroy it," he looked at me then with a grim face, "we may not survive."

"How did you get in so... quietly?"

"Illusionist, but now we need to open the door, preferably without destroying it," I looked around us, there was Swarm, Illusionist, Jackhammer, Bandit, Mime, a girl and the man who brought me here, "Mime, you're up."

He stepped forward, his hands made a strange shape and he placed his creation on the keypad. Numbers flashed across the pad which came up code verified and the doors hissed open, "hm," Swarm chortled, "he mimed a code-breaker," he turned to Bandit then, "ok, make us a path," immediately he turned invisible and ran inside, "Jackhammer keep watch, Fallen Angel fly up and watch the grounds, keep in contact."

"What about us?"

"We wait... I heard you failed."

"I was surrounded by my old team, there was little I could do."

"Please you're stronger than all of them, still, we are in now so it matters not, he served his purpose," Swarm sat on the floor of the lobby, "Whilst we wait you shall learn more of your past... Illusionist?"

I sat in the prison, Nova and Sharpshooter sat talking quietly whilst Whippet sat quietly on the bed.

"My plan is almost formulated," they all stopped brooding and listened intently, "we needed you to complete it Nova, it's like fate," I stood up now, "it will be the training room, it always was, our one window," I punched my hand, "I need you to concentrate on a wall, break it down, the east wall where the prisoners are, meanwhile Whippet and I will look for the remote to turn off the dampeners, once that is done, we get everyone out of here!"

Then it changed to just Nova and I talking, "how long have you been here?" Nova asked.

"Four years," he growled resentfully, "when I get out of this infernal place, they'll know about it."

"Calm it, revenge isn't healthy-"

"They drove me to this. Man, they shall be their own reckoning, you wait!"

Then it changed again, to the lab. "Dr Taylor, we have our first Superbot-"

"Excellent, I want it tested right away, use these four!"

We were shepherded through a tunnel and into the arena. From an opposing tunnel a human appeared, but it wasn't... human and I couldn't place it. It looked at us, "Cease and Desist Superhumans," it came towards us. I pointed at it, but it did nothing. Sharpshooter drew his pistols and shot but the bullets pinged off harmlessly. Nova was next, whipping up kinetic winds which struck the bot. It fell to the ground but got back up. Then it went invisible. Knives came from thin air, one struck Whippet who crumpled to the floor. Sharpshooter kept dodging, I managed to dodge one but the other caught my shoulder. Nova tried to stop it but failed. They were... invulnerable.

"Path clear," a voice said and we ran into the complex. We turned a corner, running straight into two of those Superbots.


The End

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