Shift: Roadtrip

Now that im rich, i might be able to live my dream, and that was do go to Las Vegas and become like, ten times as rich as i am now. But i couldnt leave these guys here, looks like i might have to bring them with me. That would ruin everything, but it would be better than ruining my mansion.

I went onto my mastercomputer, and went onto the internet to find a cheap deal, because im rich, why should i walk? Then it hit me, get a car. I have a customizing garage, at the far end of my underground hideout/lab. So i got myself a good car, from the local car dealership. Now, i dont have a lisence but that isnt going to stop me, i got myself a nice car.

I drove it back to my garage, i must've been gone about, i dont know 5 minutes? Already the place was a mess. Having these guys here was really getting on my nerves, i would of rathered Matt to kill me, but then my mansion would of been in worse shape, but if i was dead that means i wouldnt have to clean it up afterwards.

I was by the garage, making my car something that all of us could get on. It was like a ford GT but it had like a pick up truck back, and could still go just about 200 mph. When that was done, i thought i should wait until were all ready and not doing anything important then i was going to tell everyone that we were going on a roadtrip, all over America... 

The End

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