Tom: Saved

I had lost all of my energy, I couldn't fight them off any longer.

The creatures came at me, the same four legged demons with hooks on their backs and golden eyes. Their snouts dribbling some sticky purple ichor

I dropped my sword into the oblivion and collapsed to the floor, looking down, I felt weak yet also strangely invigorated.

Then I heard a noise. The cold feel on my face disappeared and the demons looked away towards the new disturbance. I felt myself 'rise' if that's what you could call it and then I was out of there.

"You're safe now brother," I heard, but when I looked around I had no idea where I was. It was filled with flourescent lighting and machinery, half created as servants scuttled around moving bits and pieces. I saw strange test tubes and a wierd seat and felt slightly nauseated.

"Remarkable, you don't think..?"

"We'll have to keep our eyes on this one!"

I jerked awake.

I was in that lab, there was my brother and some guy I'd never seen before with blonde crackling hair, holding another who looked tired, unable to fight back.

"What the... how did you get in here?" the man with blonde hair smiled broadly and waved his hand, "koniyaro," he grumbled.

"Consider this payback!"

"NO!" I shouted, they all turned their heads at me, "don't hurt him," I pleaded. My brother dropped him to the floor and came over to me.

"Look, I'm glad your awake, but let me do this my way!" he snapped.

"Funny, last time you said that you were working for your sworn enemy," I retorted, seeing the pain in his eyes, "and you hurt Emma, what did you do to her?" He turned away then, his fists clenched, "what happened to you Matt?" I spat, but he ignored me. Instead the other guy spoke to me, with the static hair.

"I'm Phase," he introduced, "and this guy, this guy nearly destroyed the damn city, he has to repay us," he tried to reason.

"Repay us?" I asked, "it's not us who needs to be repayed, it's those he killed, their wives, husbands, children and possessions, but if he wants to repay us, he can give us a home," I laughed half-heartedly, "as I seem to recall, he destroyed ours!"

The guy looked at me then, "er, like this is my home-"

He saw the look on Matts face and shut up, "-but sure you can live here... for a bit,"

"Great I-"

"I need to go!" Matt suddenly said. Then a stranger appeared on crutches, he took one look at Phase, the most hateful look I ever saw, and the pair disappeared.

"What the... who the hell was that?" I asked.

Phase and Shift looked at each other, "Emport," they both said in unison.

The End

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