Shift: Quick Escape

The superbots had them distracted, I ran away when they wasnt looking, back to my mansion. I turned on all defense machines, and told all my sentrys to keep an eye out, shoot anything on the ground that moves. I activated the mansions shielding also, only organic things could get through, humans.

I lay down in my massive couch and just passed out asleep, dreaming about what i had done, the people i had killed. All because i had been the most powerful being there was. "It was good while it lasted" I sighed "I shouldnt of taken advantage of it i guess"

I went down to my labs to continue their construction, my servents were already making it, but they seemed to do better when i was there. We had just finished installing a monster TV, its about the size of a cinema one, just bigger. I had also had those wierd tube things that scientists grow things in like test tube babies. Even the entrance was cleverly concealed, even if the superbots got in, it would take them a while to get into my lab, they may find how to open the doorway, but then theres another, password protected. There were sentry guns built into the floor, so they could rise up whenever someone steps onto the pressure plates. Also they have mind scanning systems, so if anyone comes in meaning any harm to me or anyone they have scanned to be in here, they will open fire.

I then went up to my machine, put my head on it, then went over to the chair that i was in, when I got all the powers to do all of the horrible things i did. I looked at the chair, and i saw something, it was my hair from when i was a superhuman! I managed to extract my origal power from it, so i got back my power to shapeshift. I was glad i couldnt get any of the others, i would of gotten greedy again and kill so many people. After that i went back to work on my lab, the sooner its done the better...

The End

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