Matt vs Shift Part 3

So heat just helped him did it?

"What did you do to my brother?" he laughed then and looked around me.

"Your brother is in a safe place until I see fit to return him, in Phase's favorite place ha-"

"You fool, ordinary people can't cope in their, physical bodies I mean."

I was in the middle of a thought when he came at me with two hands and two swords.

"Oh unfair!" I cried. He charged then, both swords raised high, then went to chop of my upper half, "STOP!" he couldn't move then. I was getting weak so it too ka lot of effort, but I negated all the kinetic energy in his limbs. I breathed heavily and took of the ring. Vixen, I thought very loudly, Vixen I need your help and I need Phase and Syphon! I hoped she would listen to me before it was too late.

I focused on all the energy around me whilst he was immobilised. I focused on the heat from the sun all around, the electricity pumped into buildings, the movement from cars, chemical reactions from plants undergoing photosynthesis. I concentrated on it all and took it all in. They all stopped, electricity shorting out, cars stopped in the street like an epic traffic jam in clouds of purple, yellow and blue. I felt all that power go through me.

"So heat doesn't hurt you does it?" I focused on all the heat within him and took it out. He dropped to the floor and lay shivering, severely weakened, "my boss wished for you to join us, if I could I would stop you but I need those memories, I've waited too long for them."

He looked up, his face full of some strange malevolence as if it didn't belong to him, "you would forsake an innocent just for a little information?" he smiled crookedly, "oh you Superheroes today, you're not like you used to be, hahahaha," I was taken aback by this, what was this, "still, all those negative thoughts, and you're so powerful, I should make more of a use of you."

I heard shouts behind me and turne around. Vixen, Hunter, Detonate, Deflector, Phase and Syphon.

I turned to him, in my lack of concentration he had gotten up, his temperature already sky high, "so," I said, "how many powers have you taken... 4 maybe 5?" I looked at all of us and him.

He erupted in movement. In a swift movement there was a huge crack on the floor, lava spewing out. He span around and became a phoenix that rose up to the sun and flapped fire at us, flying so fast we couldn't see him until he swept right through us, knocking us to the floor and burning us.

Deflector ran to the volcano, the lave coming towards us, and put a shield between us and it. I tried to negate the kinetic energy but I couldn't pinpoint it meanwhile he kept swiping at us befor ewe could see him.

"I can see his trail!" Hunter called out, "and I can determine which way he'll come, Nova can you cool down this area?"

"Not without hurting all of you-"

"DUCK!" we did and he swept over our heads, the blazing flames catching our heads, "we''ll chance it, Vixen try and focus on him, slow him down a little so he doesn't speed right through, detonate, blow up a chunk of the nearby building when I say, maybe he''s fall through, either way it should slow him down!" We waited a moment, "from the park... NOW!"

Detonate pointed at the buildings and they exploded into rock, plaster and cement. I cooled down the whole are, taking away all the heat as Vixen focused on the area.

A pinprick of flame burst unphased from the rock, "oh my god!" Vixen cried, a look of shock and pain crossing her face, "it hurts so much," she cried as the flame slowed down a little, enough for it to disappear and a man start to fall. He stopped himself mid-fall and landed safely. I focused on the electricity from the buildings and it struck him.

"Syphon do it quickly!" he reached Shift and placed his hand on his head, power flowing through him making him younger and younger. A young teenage boy looked at me.

"Now to get these powers back," the boy said with a wisdom and voice that did not suit his age.

"Sort Phase out first!" he placed his hand on Phase's head.

"Bit of Deja Vu here guys," Phase laughed as the power flowed through him.

"Get him totake you to all the people he stole powers from," I ordered them, "Phase, come with me, we need to find my brother!"

At the same time, the area became infested with those strange looking humans moving in a strange formation.


The End

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