Talyn: Who is Daedalus?

I had just about enough of being left  out of this conversation.  I wave my to combine Carbond dioxided with the oxygen the fire needed to burn wich extuinguished the fire.  The kid with red hair with orange red air and flaming eyes was looking in my direction angrily.

" Who the hell is Daedalus?" I command.

" It doesn't matter cuase I'm gonna rip you to shreds!" The kid says and a pillar of flame shoots at me I make my shield which just absorbs the heat ,and energy. 

" Your power is futlile agianst one such as mine." I smirk,

" Not until I waste all your energy!" He runs at me making a wall of fire and shoot fire balls at me. 

Its all absorbed into the shield then shot back at him as pure energy.

" Stop it!"  Emily yells

The kid was on the ground slightly beaten and bleeding.

" Tayln meet my idiot brother Norvon, Norvon meet Talyn not Daedalus, atleast not yet."

" Are you saying I'm this Daedalus?" I ask flabbergasted

" N0 well yes." Emily yells at me.

" How can and can't be someone?" I ask completely confused.

"  You become Daedalus when. Its to hard to explain." She says , " You should ju.." I couldn't hear the rest as meteors and such began to rain upon the city and a battle on a massive scale took off between the shift guy , and the superhuman who was fighting the other night.  I stood there awesticken as the two forces meet. I began to wonder if it would be any different if I was there.

" Come on Talyn we can't waste anymore time. Let turn you into Daedalus. Everything will make sense then." Emily says tugging my arm. 

I was lucky I had listened to her as  the area we stood got pummeled by meteors.

The End

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