Matt Vs Shift Part 2

So he had me on the floor... whats he going to do, kill me? If he does he wont see his brother ever again. Maybe he knows about his brother thats why hes after me, oh well. Is it just me or is everyone trying to kill me. I sweeped Matt onto his back, he got up really quickly, as a phased behind him, elbowing him in the neck.

The blow brought him to his knees, then he brings the metal discs back, then goes to strike me again, I gave myself a shield of lava, melting the metal discs, but he also took the heat energy away from my sheild, so i was surrounded by rock. I formed into a kodiak bear, busting the rock, standing on my hind legs, i must of gone twice his size. I pounded my claws onto the floor, not only causing a shockwave, but i imbued my lava Powers into it making it incinerate the building we were on, and it was a tall building.

I went into my original form made my hands blades, and we fought all the way down the building, whilst falling, using the walls. I then grabbed him and putting all my force onto him, making sure he landed onto the ground back first. Before i did, we swapped us round, but i phased away and he hit the floor.

We continued to fight, signs of fatigue showing on us both, yet we continue to fight as if there was no problem. I phased to high ground and summoned a volcano, directly underneath him, jumped back down and then we battled as it rised, the heat had made me stronger. As he was getting more tired i was getting gradually re-energized. Meteors rained down hell upon the city as we battled, but because i wasnt concentrating, i wasnt choosing were the Meteors landed, so they were landing all over the city. What was once a peaceful city, is now a barren wasteland. I had a wierd feeling

My conscience had come back, the power had given me greed, and  the greed had taken over, and now I was regretting everything i had done.

"Wait" i yelled. He stopped fighting me, gasping heavily, but was still ready to continue fighting. 

"We can still save your brother, but we may not have much time" i continued, you could see in his face he didnt trust me, but i guess thats what you would do for your family, he put his hand on my back and i took us to the phase dimension.

"Your on your own" I chuckled and then left, but he had tackled me, as if expecting this to happen.

The fighting had started again, i grew rather bored of this, and grew myself another pair of arms, so i had four, and then i turned them two into swords, not fair? dont care.

The End

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