Meanwhile Dr Taylor speaks to the President...

"I thought they were only supposed to go after criminal Superhumans?"

"They are..." he said quietly, pushing his spectacles to the bridge of his nose, "however they are also programmed to go after any Superhuman who may pose a threat to our... operation," Dr Taylor switched on his computer, watching the video feed.

"What of the most powerful Superhuman, will you take him too?"

"As of yet he is indisposed, even still, I want to see his true powers manifest before I attack him," he pressed a few buttons, watching defenseless Superhumans being attacked, "intriguing, so intriguing the minds of these aliens," he turned to his superbot still invisible, "send all of our units to attack the one called Shift, he must be destroyed, and kill anyone who gets in your way!"

The Superbot walked from the room. Suddenly a red light flashed.

"What is it?" the President asked.

"We have some visitors, hmm..."

The End

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