Matt vs Shift Part 1

I wasn't one to break up a fight, let's face it, I'm not Killjoy, but I had to stop him all the same and they were getting creamed.

What makes you think you can do any better? I voice said. I spun round, looking for the source.

Then he was running from some strange looking humans. I followed.

He took off then, gliding on the winds and I continued to follow, Negating gravity on myself and increasing my speed.

Eventually he turned around, spying me and stopped.

"Oooh, somebody else for me to play with, I hope your better than they were," he smirked then and a lava bolt formed in his hand. It came at me but I held out my own hand and it stopped. I focused on the heat and absorbed it, letting the rock fall harmlessly to the floor. He half laughed and ran towards me, his arms turning into swords.

Several discs came from my pockets, burning and tinged slightly purple. they span around me in a whirlwind, causing him to stop short. I stared at him for a while, then pointed at him. The discs flew one by one at him, like bullets. He swiped at them, but they came back for more and more.

I felt my energy dwindling so took on another tact. I felt the heat in his body and magnified it. He screamed out loud, then his body set on fire. Suddenly the fire took on the shape of a bird and swooped down at me. I rolled under him and focused on electrodynamic energy, zapping him with lightning. The bird fell to the floor wounded. I stepped over him and looked down at his face now turning human. He was smiling.

The End

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