Norvon: Daedalus

I sneek up behind the frozen Talyn. My sister Icca I think accomplished seducing him now was time to make my appearance.  I'm not sure why someone like my sister wanted a energy converter , and manipulator of atoms. Sure their power is highly effective and useful but not really since they ran out of energy so fast. As I watched the sickening scene from the rooves, and couldn't take anymore I hopped on to the playing field landing on the ground creating a shockwave of flames melting Talyn from his ice cube.  I don't let him escape though by  making a flaming wall surround him.

" Norvon!" Emily hisses

" Heya , cool it down a bit you are supposed to be a cold right?" I tease then continue," Besides don't you think enslaving the poor guy by you looks a little low?"

"  Thats not my plan Norvon." She sneers my name.

" Oh really then why be so sl..." I stop knowing what I was saying was going a bit far.

she stare angrily at me.

" You remember the hero Daedalus?"

" Yes, you fancied him quite a bit , but didn't he suddenly disapear after saying he loved you?" 

" Yes this is his him except he has no Idea that he was ever called Daedalus." 

My jaw dropped, I was missing loads of information but this guy tore Emilys heart to shreds and I was going to kill him wether he remembered it or not.

The End

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