Talyn: Icca

Suddenly the superbots veer off chasing me. They sensed what I sensed the major bad guy. I was about to follow when a cold icy hand grabs my right hand and encases me in ice from my right arm to right leg It was Icca well thats her superhuman identity her real name is emily.  She walks infront of me getting close to my face as she gets on her tippy toes to attempt to kiss me but instead hugs me freezing more of me. I could easily change the substance of the water but I knew that she wouldn't let me go so easily and what she was doing had no intentions of harm. I think.

" Talyn , where do you think your going? atleast without saying a hello its been to long!" She says touching my lips , making me remember somethings I perferred not to remember currently.

" I'm going after him!"  I say

she grins and wraps her cold arms around my neck, and slowly edges closer to my face as she locks my head in with ice, so I can't turn away from the immenent unwanted kiss. Icca you could say she was heavey competition for the god of beauty , and was almost irresistable to look at with her ice white hair , those iceberg blue eyes,  the almost glowing complexion , her full lips and slim but highly atheletic body. 

" stop." I say as her lips meet mine

" But I was enjoying that." She whines teasingly, " How long do you suppose you will last in a fight with him? A minute , 10 if you have enough energy Talyn." she points out.

 " I've got to try." I growl the ice slowly comes to a boil, she steps back to avoid the heat , and also to try a thick sheet of ice. I stopped afterwards.

" If you could let me finish, Mr self righteouse and suicide, I know a way you can beat him , but I will only tell you under one condition." She says seductively

My willpower to resist was melting as walked forwards.

" And that would be?"  I ask trying to build up more willpower.

The End

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