Shift: Omi

Omi... Omi Yagiashu, the superhero 'wannabe' but hes strong for 18, his power would be a great addition.
"Hello, Omi..." i said

"Konnichiwa, Shift" he replied "Im stronger since last time Shift"

"So am i" i shouted as i charged at him, he then jumped into the air, and stayed there.
The building we were on was falling to peices, then clusters of its material came together to form some sort of golem.
I looked with amazment, as the... thing came to life.

I formed into an elephant and knocked it off the roof, too easy? Omi the formed another one, as i was fighting this one, the other one jumped right back up.
I was now outnumbered, great isnt it? I morphed my arms into swords and then used the lava power to combine, so i had swords that can cut through anything, this is going to be fun.

I cut of the head of one of them, then the other smacked me off of the roof of the building i then landed into the park. Then Thornfang came along, and she brought the trees alive. I ran up to him, cut of its head, but it was still alive, so i turned into a termite and gnawed my way inside, then formed as a bear on its inside causing it to explode on the inside. Omi seemed to get sick of all this and jumped down, he was bad and hand to hand fighting and i beat him easily.

"Go ahead, kill me" whimpered Omi

"With pleasure..." i replied, but before i killed him, these wierd robots came out of nowhere attacking me. "Ah crap"

I ran as quick as i could, i know about these things, i am not going to able to beat these things. Ill see if i can lead them into a trap...

The End

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