Matt: Past Part 4

The room was stark white, filled with mechanical beeps and clicks and strange chair-like beds.

Suddenly a door opened and two men emerged carrying a boy with black hair and blue eyes, a band of metal around his head. Another child carried by two more came behind, they looked similar but his eyes were brown and he was younger.

"Take this one back, we've got what we need, and get him ready for the course, his power intrigues me."

"Yes sir."

The scene changed suddenly it was a small room with four boys; brothers, the person whose memory this was and another tall boy with dark hair and fading orange-yellow eyes.

"I'm Swarm, this is Whippet," I lifted my hand and shook the other boys who looked at me warily.

"I'm... Nova," he hesitated, "yeah... Nova and this is-"

"-Sharpshooter," the younger boy smiled half heartedly and slumped against the wall.

"I've been working on a plan to get us out, as soon as I've finished, we'll carry it out."

"What is it?" Nova asked.

"I can't tell you, if they find out and interrogate one of us... I can't risk it, you'll just have to trust me."

The door opened and a scientist grabbed the brothers and took them away. I lay on the bed and sighed.

Then the scene changed again. It was like an arena, with empty stands and targets.

"Bring in the dummies!" the voice flooded the area like a megaphone.

Several identical looking men appeared. They wore the same army uniform and had blonde buzz cuts.

Each one raised his hands and thrusted them forwards sending shrapnel through the air.

Immediately Nova's eyes glowed violet and the shrapnel stopped in mid-air.

I raised  my own hands and felt a tug in my gut; finding a strange pleasure as I watched them squirm.

The other lad pulled out two whips, he sent one whip at the nearest man, it stopped just short of his face but the material at the end lunged out and gripped his head like a dark hand. With one casual flick of the wrist, a wave ran down the length of the rope, snapping his neck at the end.

Sharpshooter grabbed two pistols and shot with extraodinary precision in between the eyes of the remaining men.

"Put away your weapons... put on the dampener and return to your rooms immediately!"

Nova looked around him, then held out his hands and focused. There were explosions everywhere, kinetic winds pulsing in all directions from him.

"No wonder he calls himself Nova," I muttered and after a while, he collapsed to the ground, the arena a mess.

Guards came in with tranquilizers.

Whiplash moved first, his whips tripping them up but they got him with several darts. Tom dodged and ducked, terrified. I fell down then, watching his instinctive movements.

We were in a lab, three of us, I was vaguely awake, they hadn't noticed.

"That was an excellent display of power, most intriguing."

"Indeed, make sure you replicate his powers in all of them."

"Shame it's not fully developed."

"Yes, it's almost like someone has taken it out of him."

"He could potentially be the most powerful Superhuman."

"We shall have to keep tabs on him-"

Then they were stood ver me.

"I've had extensive sessions with Illusionist to get these, but I shall show you more if you perform another job for me."

I felt groggy from all the time spent in Swarm's memories, "go on..."

"...It looks like our old thief friend has found a way to steal powers, never a good idea. Anyway he needs to be allied with us, his tendency for public destruction could prove an excellent decoy for my plan."

"I'd love to," I replied, "but sleep is a luxury anafforded to me, I have no energy, I cannot fight."

"I have studied your powers, sleep can wait, I have another idea."

I was in a room, sat on a pedestal, all around me there was movement and heat. I sat cross legged, feeling the energy and absorbed it all. I felt rejuvenated, it wasn't as effective as sleep but it was good enough. So, half refreshed, I got ready for the battle.

The End

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