Shift: Too Easy

"That'll keep him busy" i thought as i came into the real dimension. I then noticed the miltary patrolling the streets, and i hatched a plan. I jumped off the roof into an alleyway, and grabbed a soldier into the shadows as he walked past and broke his neck. Then using my shapeshifting power i turned into him. I took his weapon then carried on with his patrol. I used the fake soldier to get me out of the zone where they last saw me, wasnt too hard they just let me walk on through. Then i was free to cause more havoc. This is too easy.

I then went to the most populated area, that wasnt being patrolled by the military. It was around central park, people, families just walking around in the gracious sunlight, admiring the astonishing beauty of nature. They just had their last look, as i summoned a volcano in the middle of the park, going into my true form and slaughtering anyone stupid enough to come near me. I then left central park and used Gliders wind current manipulation powers and created a tornado, at hurricane katrinas level of danger, i got out of there fast.

I climbed to the top of a huge building, sat down, and admired the destruction and chaos i had created. I smirked and turned round. I then saw someone who looked familiar...

The End

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