Talyn: Damn

The city fell into chaos not by swarm , not by superbots , but by a new entity one which seemed to have a conglomerate of powers well thats what I could feel from his energy output. This was troublesome he seemed to be using an insane amount of energy and was able to use more. Meteors , volcanoes , many destructive forces where destroying the city killing so many innoecents.  I felt powerless as I tried to follow him but he constantly phased out. Eventually I track him down to an appartment of another superhuman but once agian he phased out.

The millitary began to organize , and move people out of the area and begin to secure the the living hell.  What was I hoping to do , my power take way to much energy to have the sorta fight to be on equal grounds with someone like that. I would be a god if I had endless energy. The enemy didn't seem to emmerge out of his phasing leading me to the conclusion that their was a fight going on in his phase dimesensions.

" Damn, I can't sit here all day waiting for him to leave, but I can't let him continue blowing this city to bits."  I say outloud. 

My voice attracted super bots. too many superbots as they outnumbered the military in strength , and also they where looking for me.

" There here is." I hear a radio say then I feel the air being pushed away by a sniper bullet. I side step and soon the military and the super bots where on my tail.

" Crap."  I say as I tear into a run dodging bullets and what not.

The End

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