Tom: Lost in Dimensions

All I saw was a flash of fire and then an explosion of dirt and rubble as my roof caved in. God this would take alot of cleaning.

I peeked out of the epic hole and saw a tall man with obsidian black hair controlling a meteor storm. I gulped.

Then he took down to helicopters and landed easily. Sure this would be difficult but I couldn't just stand here and take it. I cursed Matt for putting me in this position again and took my samurai swords. Running down the stairs I burst through the doors and approached him. He glared at me with hunger, like he wanted my power. Yeah, much good that would do him, I thought sarcastically and unsheathed my blade.

I looked up just in time to see a huge hunk of molten rock come hurtling down at me. In one swift movement I threw my sword at it, slicing the rock directly in half, both halves falling on either side of me. I jumped up to catch my blade just as he came at me, his hand fast becoming a sword.

He lunged as I parried and flipped over his head, slicing at his back, catching him.

"Wow, a blade works on me?" he pondered.

"They aren't ordinairy blades," I turned my head and smiled, "they are M&S blades," he laughed as his other hand became a sword and swiped at me.

I blocked them instinctively and backed away towards a hole in a building. I would like to say I was doing well because I'm skilled, but it was mostly because as he was fighting me, he was also being harassed by the army.

A  tank blasted the wall where we where fighting. With a sweep of his hand  a bolt of lava flew to the tank, blasting it into a pile of hot sludge.

"Let's take this to a quieter place," he chuckled. He kicked me to the floor, his boot stomping me on my chest. Suddenly everything became purple and warped, it was disorenting. Aswell as this, I felt strange, like something was happening to me.

He went to stamp down on me again but I rolled away and jumped up. I went for a backhand, forehand and overhead spinning round into a whirlwind of blade. He swept his hand at me, then frowned.

"I'm not on earth now, my powers wont work here," he growled. Then he looked up and snickered to himself, "ah well, this wont be much fun so I suppose..." with that he disappeared. I looked around me. He was gone.

I was aware golden pinpricks within the purple haze, then the faintest trace of movement like a camouflaged beast. From the mist appeared the strangest creature. It had strange hook like claws protruding from it's shoulders, it walked on four legs and had huge fangs in its slaverous mouth. I was surrounded by them and every second I was in here I felt weaker.

They came at me, and with as much strength as I could muster, I fought them off.

The End

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