Vixen in his Mind...

...It was a strange feeling as her mind left her body and entered Chaos', loosing all sense of physicality.

It looked like a padded cell, and at the other end was a small figure curled up in a strait jacket. Approaching the being, she noticed his long greasy hair, his violent shivering.

"It's ok, they cannot get me in here, safe, safe, safe," she kneeled beside him. Chaos jerked up and grabbed her, "get away!" and he threw her across the 'floor', backing away to the wall, whimpering.

"I'm here to help," she urged, "let me help you!" but he sat in the corner, muttering as he stared at his knees.

"NO!" he looked at her then, suddenly worried, "no I don't want to get back, they want to get me, they want to destroy their god, the god of chaos, don't make me go back, I'm safe here!"

Suddenly the room dissolved into a flood of light and then pitch black. Emma had the feeling of falling through an abyss, vulnerable and unsafe.

Then a face appeared, it was a twisted parody of the mans face laughing manically.

"Young girl, pretty girl, so nice of you to visit!" he laughed evilly and the mouth opened more and more like it was engulfing her.

She fought against the strange sensation, her eyes closed, but when they opened she was in a playground.

It was a young boy of around thirteen sitting alone on a bench as the other children played. One child swaggered towards him, "oi nutter!" he shouted and stuck his tongue out, "go back to your mental house ha ha ha!" the child looked emotionlessly at him, then, as if on a whim stood up and stepped toward him. He looked at the boy and cocked his head. The boy looked strange, then almost in pain all the while he just stared at him. The boy fell to his knees and ripped out his hair. The child snapped out of his reverie and shivered, scared and running from the grounds.

Then it dissolved and there were his parents.

"Useless pathetic child, you don't deserve to live, we should have gotten rid of you," the child almost laughed nervously, sweating as he shivered. But then his eyes became dead, the parents became lost in the depth that shimmered underneath the cold blue pool that made them look closer. He cocked his head and suddenly the parents backed away, looking this way and that, "no, get away!" they screamed, batting away invisible ghosts, "no, don't take me," the boy stared at them with a strange, cruel smile.

"See what I have done, but you, you my dear, there is something about you that I like my pretty one," There were images flocking around her, "as you see I do not lie my dear, that is not what I do, and it seems a tragedy not to tell you of you male friends escapades," he laughed evilly again as he stared at her, his eyes point of darkness, "if have seen into his mind!" suddenly an image floated through the expanse of abyss, it was Matt, and he was kissing another girl. Pain and loss filled her heart and pumped a dreadfull anger through her veins. Then there was a scream, like Chaos could not cope with the pain and she became all too aware of being in her body.

She didn't want to let him see her cry, and felt sickened when she saw what he was doing. In a couple of swift words she was gone. Then she slumped in an alleyway, crying and sobbing.

The End

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