Shift: Unfortunate Events

I went deeper into the heart of the city, the army hot on my tail. Ifelt the need to cause more chaos. I charged my powers and called forth a meteor storm. Unleashing hell upon the many buildings of the the city. Tower after tower being destroyed. There were massive holes in the walls of some, and others where falling over, screaming everywhere, people fleeing into the streets.

I noticed in the corner of my eye, a man looking outside of the massive hole in his appartment wall, an aura coming from him. The aura was my senses telling me he was superhuman. Looks like i might have to be abit more careful from now on.

I continued my rampage, military helicopters trying their best to hold me at bay, failing completely. I jumped up and smashed the windscreen of the first helicopter, dragged out the pilot and backflipped off. Then as I was falling, I charged a flaming bolt of lava, and launched it at the propeller which melted it, both helicopters cascaded to the ground, exploding into a fiery storm, whilst using the wind to safely glide to the floor.

As I glanced across the street, I noticed a man with the superhuman aura, he was tall with black hair, and he had two samurai swords strapped across his back, in a X shape. I went to greet this boy, with a meteor strike...

The End

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