Matt: Interrogation

I followed the manic laughter c0ming from the streets. It was an insane laughter, truly terrifying and there were screams and such.

From another alley I saw a female walking stealthily, she seemed to have a headache of some sort. It was Vixen. I froze as she saw me.

"Can you sense that, his powers they can turn people insane!" she said worriedly, ignoring what I had done, "I can block out his thoughts just about, but how are you doing it?" I didn't answer.

I looked upon the streets. Men and women were screaming, tearing out their hair. Some were biting each other like they were animals, others shook and cowered in fear. There was one man who clutched his head, nose and eyes bleeding as he cringed and fell motionless to the floor.

"HA HA HA HA HAAAA!" a voice shouted.

"STOP!" I ordered, coming from the alleyway. The civilians came towards me with murder in their eyes. I whisked up a kinetic wind which slammed them to the floor unconcious. The guy was there, in the heart of it all. His hair was long, greasy and dark, his eyes dead and his face gaunt and unshaven. He stared at me and cocked his head, barely any emotion except from the hint of a sadistic smile.

He focused on me, frowned and tried again, giving up.

"YOU RESIST, how do you resist? oooh pretty jewel!" his voice was a high and creepy as Swarms, but he sometimes whispered and sometimes shouted, "no matter, no matter, no matter," he laughed malicously and leapt at me, grabbing me and throwing me down. Then he turned, "little girl why in fright? come from the shadows, chaos wont bite!" he laughed manically and she appeared, "ooh you resist, don't resist, poke around a little, see what my head has to offer!" he moved towards her, his voice suddenly turned dark, "COME TO ME!"

All of a sudden she stood still, unmoving, unblinking and distant.

"What have you done?" I cried, he turned around.

"She is in my head now hee, hee, hee, hee, heeee!" he skipped around and before I knew it slammed me in the face, "dispose of you, watch you squirm, watch you die little one, hee, hee, haa!" he grabbed my throat. Looking at him I just couldn't bring myself to hurt him as he lifted his hand. Suddenly he dropped me.

Like a changed man, his eyes darted around as he backed off. glimpsing in the shadows and crouching low. He tripped and landed on the floor, curling up into a ball.

He was muttering now and shaking violently, becoming catatonic, I stepped towards him.

"NO STAY AWAY!" he cried, backing away, dragging his fingers across the floor until they bled. Suddenly I felt a twinge in the head, were his powers that strong. Suddenly the twinge became unbearable pain as I clawed at my face, "I'm not going back, they can't take me, not again!"

"What, who, the asylum?" I asked.

"They can't take me, not again, so many years," his shaking became worse, half laughing half sobbing, "they test me and probe me and watch me squirm, I will not go back I cannot go back!"

"WHO!" I shouted, he stared at me then, very still and piercing.

"The men from up high, they know who I am, they know I am the God of Insanity, come to bring chaos and anarchy on all!" he laughed nervously then and touched his head, "agh!" he moaned, "no, they are here, in the shadows watching and waiting!" he looked around fearfully, "oh the voices in my head ringing, ringing, ringing, RINGING!" the last one was like a roar, his voice almost a sing song yet implying fear and yet laughing nervously. he looked at me and I was filled with pity and revulsion.

"The men in the government took me to the place, they said my being there was good, from the nuthouse to the facility," he laughed nervously again.

"Government?" it twigged in me, where I had been. Suddenly I snapped and grabbed him, throwing him to the ground. I grabbed some rope that had been on some scaffolding and tied him to a post, making the knots extra tight.

He stood shaking then.

"What do you know about the facility?"

He was silent, his mouth raised in half a smile half a frown, he didn't answer but laughed through his nose.

"TELL ME!" I shouted, my face right in front of his, "tell me or I'll kill you," I threatened and he just snorted, still shaking, still scared, "fine," I gritted my teeth. I held a set of metal disks. As I raised one hand the disks followed. I pointed a hand at him and the disks moved up my back and over my hands towards him.

"I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, oh gohohod!" he cried, his face moist with sweat and tears, he pulled against the rope futilely and returned to the half smile face, shaking more violently than ever. The discs span around his neck, touching it but he stared at me half laughing half crying.

"Fine," I repeated and the blades moved away and then went for the strike.

"STOP!" Vixen shouted. The blades went flying to the side and I stared at her, "he's part paranoid schizophrenic part psychopathic maniac suffering long blackouts, what is he going to tell you?" she asked accusatory, "oh and by the way, consider us finished," I clenched my fists, restraining myself and grabbed him, the roped untying myself. With that I was gone, returning to Swarm.

The End

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