Shift: Unbeatable?

All this power, started to make me feel abit, uneasy. I had the urge to destroy things and to make the world bow down to me. With the volcano power i could most likely put that into action too. Being in my mansion wont exactly make me powerful will it?

I set off into the city, burning any civilian in my sight, the police came, but their bullets took no effect, a laughed and teleported onto a building, they looked confused wondering where i was, then i rained fiery death down upon them, stupid humans weak all together.

I then took my attention onto taking down buildings, one by one skyscrapers will fall, and death will be all round. I made it clear that i wasnt to be messed with, or ill kill you, regardless of the fact ill be killing everyone anyway. I was becoming a national threat, helicopters, tanks and all else trying to stop me, when will they realise that it isnt enough, they will need something superpowered to take me down, and even if they did have something superpowered, i doubt they could beat me with that either.

I ran out of range from the city, with Runways power. I then summoned a volcano outside the city's border, that will surely cause some panic, it made the army run away aswell. This city belongs to me!

The End

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