Talyn: Something bigger.

I lazily got out of bed and rolled into my usual shirt long black jacket , and jeans. A message was left on my machine. I could recognize it as Dail. 

" Talyn don't go to the police offi........... Bang , Bang....... super bots ............" At the end of the message I could hear only a dieing breath.  I throw the corded phone onto the hook breaking it. I heard my door get kicked open, and the footsteps of people. It looked like I was next. I grabbed the pistol off the floor and hid in the closet. My bedroom door was kicked open. In the room where Identical looking soldiers, with guns , and from the feeling of it , powers.  Just like the guards back in the sewers. I thought to myself. One opended the closet and took a direct shot to the head.  The others only turned to fall on the ground dead as I had manipulated the metal in the first ones gun to impail them. 

Could those be superbots?  I didn't want them to be , if so that means that our goverment has been corrupted and compromised. If that was also the case who was left to stand against them? Super heroes who are right being given no credit and are being looked at as villians.  It all came together , I was set up yesterday partially, Dart was the best choice to fight me to cause the most damage scaring the crowd into voting for superbots. Problem was Superbots may infact come from swarms little cloning factory. I began to shake I had just conddemmed these people to a rign of evil. I had failed the people again. I wanted to end my life again , but another thought occured. I was still alive and I could still stop this thing. It had to be stopped.

I reloaded the pistol and shoved it into a holster, I grabbed one of the assualt weapons and swung it onto my back. What I have done I had to fix. Not give up and shoot myself. I walked out my door broken doorway. I needed to find super hero's. That isn't hard we normally make the most noise in town.

The End

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