Shift: Betrayal

Runways powers stored into my machine, i got ready to have them stored into me, I told Phase to activate the machine.

"Before i do this..." he said " let me remind you of our rules, NEVER steal from another guild member, you have broken that rule, not only are you exiled, but i shall drain your powers also"

Now normally a mad scientist would not think that such a thing would happen, they didnt think that they would encounter such a problem, their creations turned against them. But I expected as such, and had a secret concealed button that released me from the chair that held me in place. But before i did i went along with it, its fun to play about with someone when they think they've got you.

"Oh no, youve really got me" i said, with a hint of sarcasm, but Phase didnt notice, he just laughed and activated the machine, i pressed the button, milliseconds before firing, Phase just gasped, then i ran over to him, and punched him in the face, but regretfully he attempted to go into his alternate dimension, taking me with him.

It was like a purple coloured version of our world, but there was creatures roaming around, looking at me, i couldnt see them, just golden eyes staring from the (purple) shadows, i then grabbed Phase by the throat. "Take us back, now!" i commanded, he just choked, he lasted about a minute before finally giving up, when he brought me back the the real world, he had fainted. Rendered unconcious.

I loaded him into my machine, ready to steal his powers, i activated the machine and took his powers from him. I then called one of my servents to activate the machine, considering he wouldnt betray me, as he wouldnt of been able to get paid, he activated the machine, it plunged into my chest, but i didnt feel anything, and it gave me Runways and Phase's powers, i felt like a thousand men.

As i was released i felt the power surging within me, i needed more.

At that point i called other members of the theives guild, as they didnt know i was exiled, one by one i stole their powers. I took Pheonixs power of reviving myself from the ashes, should i burn to death. I also took Gliders wind manipulation abilties, where i could stay in the air for a short amount of time. Then i took Scorchers flame abilities, where if i got enough power i could summon volcano's and call meteor storms. Unstoppable power, at that point i couldnt seem to get anymore power... 

I had reached the limit. I was the ultimate superhuman.

I smirked "say hello to the new me world" and then i had a hysterical laugh (like all evil villains) 

The End

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