Talyn: Hospitalized

The hospital was full to the brink with people , I wanted to just get out, My little invasion , caused hell people died , and I had nothing except that this wasn't conisisting of one villian but many. That isn't good, I didn't even find the officer. I felt useless and had only made things worse. Hours later I came out , of the hospital. I was going to bed and I was already dreading tommorow. I was going to be in huge troubl. It was obviouse why, I punched a wall , just like last time. I thought to myself. I opened the door to my depressing messy house, it hadn't been cleaned for a long time. I should clean it, just to depressed to do anything about it.

 I moved a pile of clothing off my bed , and quickly  changed on wrapped my comforter around me. So many innoecents where killed, My job was to save them , not have them in harms way.  What use am I? I should just end my self here, before others are killed. I think pulling open my wooden cabnent. My last case ended the same way I caught the villian numbers of civilians had died , She died, I left the force and always put a gun to my head everynight, eventually I stopped my slow slide down to despair.  I had climbed back up , only to be pushed off agian. This time though I didn't catch the villian, and a larger number of people died.  If I didn't kill myself tonight , would I leave the force? We'll see tommorow.

I put the muzzle of the gun down my throat once agian, my finger wraps around the trigger. I hesitate putting pressure on the trigger.  I throw the gun across the room, I can't live like this anymore.

The End

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