Shift: Drastic Measures

When i had learned about Chaos' release, at first i wanted to get some defence, but thats done, sentrys, sentry guns, you name it, unless hes bullet proof he aint getting in my mansion. Now for the other thing i wanted to do, im going to make Runway pay for what hes done to this world, im sure Phase would love to help me with that.

I called Phase but he said he was busy, and that he was going to talk to someone, so i told him to meet me at my mansion when hes done, he isnt here yet but, i guess it must be pretty important. I wanted to find Runway, but it seems he had found me.

"Hello, Shift" he said "looking for me?"

"No but i am" said Phase as he appeared behind him, and punched him, knocking him onto the floor. "What you have done is something it will take many superhumans to fix, but if the normal humans are going to try this, i dout even the entire population can fix this, i also hear your on his side"

"I let him out, and i know how powerful he is, id rather be safe then sorry" Runway replied

"Oh believe me, your going to be sorry" I said, pushing him into one of the tunnels built in my mansion, they went to the lab at the bottom, i went down, and so did Phase. At the time Runway had gotten down, my mansions AI system and chained him up, he struggled for his life, he wont be getting out of this one. I thought ,murder wasnt enough. I decided to take his powers, and maybe take them for my own, as i have invented a machine that can do so, i needed a good test subject first though. Runway seemed to be happy to 'volunteer' for this, so we can finally figure this out. The machine powered up, and pointed a blade towards his chest.

"I wouldnt squirm around if i were you, that will only make it worse" i said. The blade penetrated his chest, and attempted to drain his powers out, there was a bright light and then nothing. I didnt know if it had worked or not, so i patched Runways wound up and let him go on his way, he ran and didnt seem to go really fast. It worked?

Now to see if this will work on me, will i be able to harness Runways power aswell as my own? Only time will tell...

The End

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