Tom: Break-Ins

The group dispersed and I returned home. Everything was just how I left it, ransacked and messed up. I didn't have the heart to clean anything up, we had lost.

I switched on the news, apparently a vote was being put out about the implementation of some Superbots. I half wanted to go vote and say no but i just couldn't be bothered. There was something about two break-ins, a bank and an insanity ward.

Finally I got up and picked up my swords to hang back up on the wall.

I felt something strange, like an energy or something. I turned around and somebody was in my room. He was tall with hair that crackled like static and almost golden eyes.

"Who are you?" I unsheathed a sword.

"I am Phase, but my original name is Rob, I've come here to warn you," he looked around and came closer to me.

"Phase... didn't my brother-"

"Yes I used to be part of his little group, but that's not my point," he was very close now, his face horrified, "we have a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"There is a guy, in the Thieves Guild, he can run really fast, we call him Runway, but the thing is, he accidentally broke into a secure wing of some insane ward and released somebody pretty dangerous," he gritted his teeth.

"If you're part of the Thieves Guild why do you care?" I wondered.

"I wasn't always like this, there is still something inside me from my past that wont leave no matter how much I want it to, I still care," he grumbled and turned to leave, "I wont be able to do much but this wacko cannot be left on the streets, I need you and your friends to get him back, but don't do it together, it's too dangerous, just send one of you."

He disappeared in a flash of purple.

Strange, some guy from the Thieves Guild comes to me and asks me to sort out someone elses mess, what had I gotten myself into.

I knew I was going to regret this.

I picked up my phone and called Vixen, "hey, we may have a problem... yes I know it's soon but... please, just come here and I'll tell you... gotcha I understand just don't take too long."

The End

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