Talyn: For the love of .... what ever entity you worship I'm rate here

The hole entire place was crawling with more , cops , and ambulances, I still couldn't move. Had I used to much energy? I bet I did.  Every one seemed to scuttleing around ignoring me. I couldn't move my mouth to say for the love of whatever entity you worship I'm rate here. Yeah I didn't believe in gods.  As I waited for someone to finally notice I began to feel that its possible I could be dead.  That was proven wrong when a girl finally noticed me. She began to heal me , thats when I noticed how much pain I was in. I could move finally after she got up , and went to the next casualty

" Thanks. I thought I was dead there, no one seemed to help till you came." I tried getting up only to fall on my face.

" I don't suggest you move mr."

" Call me Talyn." I said.

" By any chance are you the investigator I was supposed to meet about the dead hero?"

I guess she recognized the name.

 " Yeah you must be miss Carrie!" I exclaim into the ground.

I turn my head so it lays in a more comfortable posistion.

" When would be a good time for you to talk to me about him?"

The End

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