Shift: A Parting Gift

After spending hours just admiring the look of my money, i decided, im not going to spend it all, id already spent 1 mill on the mansion, secret tunneling system running underneath it, even those labs and stuff that i talked about earlier. I decided to go on a little flying trip around the city.

As i was flying over elgant forests into the noisy suburbs, i then noticed a little... big gaping hole, of destruction. Its like so much of the city was destroyed, im glad my mansion isnt anywhere near here. I flew over to check on the scene, there were ambulances, people crawling out of rubble, and people still under rubble screaming for help. I went down, to this woman pleading for help, turned into a gorilla and lifted the rubble.

"Thank you" she said to me, you could hear the fear in her voice as she saw me turn into a gorilla, but she ignored screaming and running away, she hugged me. Then ran away.

Anyway, i may aswell tell you, i came here to repay Carrie for saving my life. So i thought this would of been good. I got a bag of money, £10,000 atleast. I put it in her house, i put it through the cat door in her house, also with a note.

I hope she reads it before just taking the money and moving house. I just basically explained all that had happened and you know what else i put in that bag? The necklace i stole at the very beginning. Have i turned? Im not going to find out, im going to remain in my mansion, im creating something incredible...

The End

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