Shift: All in a Days Work

Humans... just idiots. I must of kept them busy for about 15 minutes before they finially realized bullets wont work on me. I had destryoed about the entire banks, except the vaults. Phase had almost shift the entire amount of money in the bank, considering time goes slower in the other dimension that he goes into. When he was finished, i could see him, regardless of him being in another dimension, he was telling me to get out of here, so i did.

We went back to our secret headquarters (Phase's appartment) it was full of money, we both smirked and laughed.

"First im getting my T.V liscence" said Phase

"Yeah you need one!" I exclaimed

We counted the money, the grand total came to atleast 15 million, it was easy since we went into Phase's dimension in order to save time, the robbery was all over the news. I killed a few guards, and injured alot of civilians, but who cares? im rich now.

Considering only me and Phase did it, i got half, regardless of being theives, we know how to get our fair share. thats 7.5 million, wonder what i could get with such a sum.

Firstly im buying a mansion, then we will move our headquarters to there, who knows, maybe make a few secret labs here, a couple of... you get the point... im rich.

I went to the real estate, and bought the mansion. I didnt take all the money, otherwise it would make the bank robbery easily seem like us. After i did, i hired workers, buters... everything! Now this is how you live a life...

The End

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