Tom: Base Has Been Compromised

I couldn't believe what he was saying. He wanted to stay?

I stood away from the door, "fine," but I wasn't going to come all this way jsut to go home!

I charged down the corridors until I found a large room with a long table and many chairs, it was like a parlour, full of people.

"What did you do to him!" I roared. Swarm was there, Jackhammer, Bandit, Mime, a female I wasn't aware of and a group of lads. Swarm glared at me, snickered and pointed at us. Jackhammer's arms became a shapeless silver, like metal, and changed into a huge hammer. Hunter moved towards him, as Jackhammer swung in a large arc, Hunter ducked, jumped and kicked him, propelling himself into a backflip were he landed one knee bent, the other stretched out with hands on the floor. Bandit immediately turned invisible, launching several knives at us but Shade, with his blades, sliced them in half and disappeared. Mime made the shape of a lassoo and swung it at Vixen, who with severe concentration on her face, seemed to block the attack with her mind and attacked with her claws, five blades attached to a construct around her hand. She span and sliced as Mime blocked with some invisible sword.

Swarm, the female and the lads just watched half amused as many clones came through the door. They immediately began shooting but my brain worked for me, my reflexes and precision slicing the bullets with my swords and blocking them. The blades seemed to move independantly from my body, a flurry of silver that kept me safe. I moved closer to them, leapt above one and sliced down, spinning in a whirlwind of swords to take more down then continued blocking.

We were hopelessly outnumbered.

At that time two men appeared in the doorway. I recognised them, Detonate and Deflector. Detonate made a gun shape with his thumb and index finger, made a shooting motion and an explosion took the table. The wood splintered and flew out in several directions. Deflector moved me out of the way, reflecting the bullets back at them. In the distance I could hear explosions and the room shook.

I directed my attentions at Swarm.

"It's hopeless, we will win this," he flashed me a furious look, his teeth bared as he moved his hand towards me. I threw my blade at him, landing in his stomach.

The girl cried out and caught him before he fell.

Illusionist appeared in the doorway next. My heart warmed at his appearance, it had been a while.

"Oh Illu-"

"Illusionist, tell everyone we are moving!"

My confusion  suddenly  turned to anger, but a vision appeared in my mind.

"Everyone, the base has been compromised, emergency departure immediately!"

One of the lads stepped up and held out his hands. In a flash of blinding white light, Swarm and his lackeys were gone.

Hunter lay on the floor, his eyes shut, his chest bruised. Vixen had a nose bleed, her face bright red. Shade stood unphased at attention. Deflector and Detonate stood in the doorway also unhurt.

"What happens now?" Shade asked.

"I'm going to find Swarm, get my brother back and find out what the hell happened when we were in that Government facility. I really want answers!"

The End

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