Talyn: Epic Battle with horrible consequences

I sneak around till I find the camera room where I see the swarm guy, and on another screen the missing officer, and super hero. This definetly the place , I checked  place another marker that will shoot a quick burst of info to a sattelite to deliver coordinates of the hideout. Now was it time to make a retreat or fight? No I need information on the swarm guy, and that officer was going to give it to me unless, he has been working for them. Before I disable all the camera's I gather all the directions I could too get to the officer then blasted destroyed the camera room.

As I made my way through many stairs and corridor undetected I though I was going to be able to do this cleanly but I was wrong.

" Ahhh Talyn my friend where do you think you are going?"  I hear a familiar voice that has many names. I call him by his originalname Dart.

" Dart , of all people , you would work this pathetic group of guys. Aren't you a type to be the boss?"

" Well Talyn its a long story, but lets say Swarm is quite persuasive ,and like all Diabolical villians his plan is unpredictable to the likes of you. You will all fall for his traps , and the world will be on a silver platter given to us by super hero's."

" Oh really. You people have high ambitions , its almost insane to hear this time after time. The world will be given to us on a sliver platter. Ha ha  ha!" I failed at imitating a manical laughter

He didn't respond just looked rather unimpressed. His oversized arms crossed and his Arnold swarcheneggar look definetly think his power was strength. No it was just an adaptation he did himself. His power, Imagine high density waves of energy shot at you and , and at the same time a constant earthquake.

" Well I'm done standing here , bye." I said speeding up the fight he liked to drag things out for some reason.

" Always the hasty one." His voice booms.  His body glows blue then he releases his high density wave of energy.

My shield would never block it so I do an equally strong energy based attack.  The air around my fists began to crackle with energy and turned into a reddis black mixture that gathers around my palms. I charge forwards causing the two energy forces to collide with eachother.  The energy floods the halls and explode upwards causeing the enviroment to shake and air to throw people off there feet.  Dust fel clouded my view but I could feel the idiots every movement as he began to cause an earth quake.

A energy swords forms in my right hand , in my left I make a powerful tornado to take the dust out of view and disoreint him.   He taken by surprise and is thrown across the ruined hall.   He quickly got back onto his feet and the earth began to shake more violently. I take a slash forwads making an arc of energy shoot towards him he blocks with a weak wave of energy then I condense the air around and ignite it.  The roof above my head explodes with such force debris is thrown high into the  atmosphere.

Dart slight burned and bloody retalitated with another wave energy knocking me 100 of feet backwards through the hole in the roof I created into the early morning hours of the city.   I get back onto my feet  dropping my ripped coat to the ground this fight just got a whole lot more seriouse.  Dart comes charing towards me , with another wave at his disposal. I turn the sword into a pure source of energy then steal more from my surrounding such as traffic lights and the powerline then fire  a blast that is deflected off his wave. The blast collapses the skyscrapers around me nearly leveling a four block radius. I guessed 100 may have just gotten injured.

Dart appear behind me and shoots another wave of energy before I could react. The direct blow nearly incenerated me. As I shot forwards slamming into a concrete wall. The wall collapsed from the force I came hurteling at. Luckily superhumanscan take more of a beating or else I would have been toast rate there. I weakly bring my self into a standing posistion. Dart came barreling forwads with a new wave of energy in his palm. He goes to pucn me I catch and slam him to the ground  he released the energy shooting us hurteling into the sky. I stop my self short by making myslef a sort of air capturing material and fell to the ground at a safe speed.  I had to end this fight before he killed or injured more people.

With wahtever energy I had lef t I turned all matter from 1o meter radius around me and compiled into one High denisty beam,  Darth looked likee he did the same thing I  releas first and the two forces collide with eachother. For a moment they stop then my energy presses on forwards giving off huge rays of energy till it lost its  pressure and exploded.  The light blinded me and brought me into unconciousness.

When I wake up the world is blurry and  hard to move in.  As it slowly comes into focus around me for perhaps half a click is a burt wastland and debris with injured people screaming and dieing. I couldn't move I was energyless.



The End

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